Why Choose Glasstex?

Glasstex, the most widely used and cost effective fibre glass wallcovering in the UK owes its popularity to the extreme versatility of the material, the attractive pattern textures, unlimited colour schemes and virtually unbeatable hardwearing durability. Glasstex is suitable for almost any environment and painted it provides a totally sound surface with no joints.

Modern dining room decorated using Glasstex fire retardant wall coverings with sky blue painted finishIt is quick and easy to apply, to Concrete, plastered masonry, gypsum board and all wooden boarding. In older buildings with different surfaces, Glasstex wallcoverings achieves structural and colour uniformity of all areas. Glasstex Wallcoverings covers cracks in the wall, and generally adds strength to any surface it is applied to. Hard-wearing, healthy and safe, ideal for hygiene applications…

Made from natural non toxic materials like quartz, soda, lime and dolomite. Glasstex Wallcoverings play an important role in fire safety by preventing spread of flames on the surface of most conventional building materials. Painted Glasstex surfaces prevent flames from spreading horizontally along rooms or corridor walls and equally important resists flames spreading vertically into ceiling spaces. Last but not least our pricing and stocking policy of Glasstex means it is an extremely cost effective and accessible product.

The Modern Solution

Being the sole UK supplier of Glasstex wallcovering, we work  closely with decorators, architects and contractors across the United Kingdom.

Bad condition tiled wall

Wall surface prior to Glasstex installation

That’s why we can develop products with characteristics that are unique to specific markets and various areas of use in an entirely cost effective manner. Over the years we have worked on numerous exciting and imaginative building projects in locations throughout the UK. The purpose of Glasstex is to care for and protect the surface it covers. No building or renovation jobs are alike. That’s why we have produced an extensive range of patterns with different yarns and structures.

Tiled wall after Glasstex installation

The difference Glasstex makes!

Glasstex is an unbeatable surface material for almost any environment, painted it provides a totally sound surface with no joints. It is quick and easy to apply, it fire classes the surface to which it is applied. It repairs and prevents cracks in the material it is covering and is itself easy to maintain and repair, and last but not least all Glasstex wallcoverings are environmentally classed.

Service and availability

We are one of the UK’s leading independent wallcovering distributors to the leisure and commercial market. Hotels, hospitals, local authorities and building and facilities management projects extensively use our exclusive Glasstex premium range.

At Eclipse Wallcoverings we pride ourselves on our reputation for unbeatable sales service, and technical support. All Glasstex patterns are fully stocked at our Wigan warehouse and available for 24 / 48 hour nationwide delivery.

Please note, you can purchase any of our GLASSTEX fibre glass products either direct from ourselves or from one of our appointed distributors, please contact our sales office for details.


Oeko Tex Standard LogoThe Glasstex premium range holds more UK fire certificates achieved using numerous manufacturers water based paint than any other glass fibre wallcovering available in the UK and Glasstex is the only glass fibre wallcovering that upgrades the Class 4 Warrington Blue Board to Class 0, for use over multi-layered paint systems, using our Blueshield system.

Glasstex also holds the OEKO-TEX certificate, which means by using Glasstex you show that you care for the environment. It is made from only natural materials. Since Glasstex is the lightest glass textile in the market, it requires least from nature in form of raw materials and transportation. Glasstex does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances that could cause allergic reactions.