Public Sector

Glasstex is breathable and ecologically sound, and truly comes into its own in Healthcare and Nursing Home environments, and with the launch of our  new Glasstex Essential range with the most cost effective prices of any fibre glass system in the UK, the obvious choice for use in the Hospital, Healthcare and Nursing Home sector must be Glasstex Essential.

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glasstex-leighton-hospital-corridorWith its very tough durability and fire retardant properties, when coated with a suitable paint finish it offers attractive sealed walls which can be regularly scrubbed with even the strongest disinfectants as part of the ongoing fight against super bugs.

Leighton Hospital

Entrance to Leighton HospitalThis has been a long term project over a number of years for the Glasstex system, the management at the hospital looked at many different systems prior to taking the decision to completely decorate the hospital using Glasstex GTP 54 in the knowledge that once applied the Glasstex would be permanent and extremely cost effective.

Richard Willis from the Leighton hospital building management team said:

We have been using Glasstex throughout the hospital for over 8 years and it is intended that all areas are covered with Glasstex. We find it is a great product to work with and gives a really tough, durable but decorative finish to all our wall areas. The service we receive from Eclipse Wallcoverings is both friendly and very efficient.

As the hospital as grown in size the use of the Glasstex system as continued to be used on all new buildings.

The Christie

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is the largest cancer treatment centre in Europe, With 2,500 staff and 300 volunteers treating over 40,000 patients a year. This means there is a very large volume of people entering The Christie on a daily basis.

Outside of the Christie HospitalSo when any decision is made regarding the refurbishment and maintenance of the busiest foot traffic areas many factors have to be taken into account, and this proved to be the case when the refurbishment of the Main corridors on the ground and first floor of the hospital were being planned.

Bob Higginbotham, Head of Facilities Management at The Christie said:

The main corridors are in the older part of the hospital and as such have seen much repair and patching up over the years and at best were looking tired.

The brief to our architects was to come with a solution that would be durable, decorative, cost effective and minimise disruption both now and on a maintenance basis.  They came up with the Glasstex system, and this has turned out to more than fit the criteria. The ease of application meant that the corridors could be decorated quickly on a night shift without causing disruption to the day to day running of the hospital.

The finished system has completely upgraded the corridors and given a modern and pleasant look to what are probably the busiest areas in the hospital, and facilitating ease of maintenance.

These are just two case studies from many hospitals that have used, and seen the benefits of the Glasstex system.