Microlith Wall Liner

Our new product range under the brand name of Microlith, features all the benefits of our orignal wall liner products which are recommended by both Drugasar and Faber Fires, but are now an even stronger non-woven wall liner. We have secured sole UK, and Irish distribution rights for these amazing products.

Microlith-Wall-Liner-LabelInitially we will be stocking and selling three products, two pre coated fiberglass and one cellulose/ polyester liner.  Our non-woven wall liners are an excellent choice for refurbishing and reinforcement of walls and older ceilings with cracks.

All MICROLITH products must be hung using a good ready mixed adhesive. We would recommend “Glasstex Ready Mixed  Adhesive” or “Solvite High Performance Adhesive” for a perfect finish every time.

MICROLITH CP 103 Glass Fibre Fleece

Our new Non-woven wall liner offers real benefits and savings for both decorators and DIY when compared with traditional pulp lining papers.

  • Incredibly strong – but feels like paper!
  • No shrinkage or stretching – Perfect butt seams
  • Fast application – less than half the time of traditional pulp papers
  • Paste the wall, no fuss no mess
  • Very high stability and crack-resistant, perfect for renovation and covering cracks
  • If painted only requires maximum 2 coats of paint, Or the perfect base for wallpaper

CP 103 is incredibly strong and cost effective, making it the number one choice amongst specifiers  for the restoration of surfaces which are cracked or may be subject to cracking, and as a decorative base. Its thickness is roughly comparable with a traditional 1800 grade pulp lining paper and with a weight of 150 g/m2.

MICROLITH GS 205 Glass Fibre Fleece

An extremely strong and most versatile lining material

Not only does it have strength, and can easily cover all unsightly surfaces, such as concrete, cement, wood panelling, and poor cracked plaster, it can then be either emulsion painted or overhung with other wallcoverings, it is 200g/m2 in weight and because it is pre primed should you decide to paint the GS 205 it will give a perfect finish with a maximum of two coats of any emulsion paint.

Picture of a reception area decorated with Microlith wall liner

MICROLITH GS 205 Glass Fibre Fleece should be applied by pasting the wall, and either side can be used, therefore, no pasting on a table – no soaking – saves time.

MICROLITH GS 203 Glass Fibre Fleece

The GS 203 is the absolute ultimate in Wall Liners

This product as an amazing weight of 300g/m2, which makes it by far the heaviest and thickest Wall Liner available, but because of its weight the product can be quite brittle and should only be applied by professional Decorators.

With GS 203 uneven or cracked walls that need redecoration are no longer a problem, and not only is GS 203 the ONLY wall liner you should consider for refurbishment or redecoration. But the need to apply a wet plaster finish over plasterboard to achieve a finished substrate is a thing of the past. The cost and time savings of using GS 203 instead of skimming the walls are significant, and all with the added bonus that after painting with any water based paint your substrate is Class ‘o’ Fire Rated.

Please note that due to the weight and production technique of this product it is NOT suitable for use on ceilings.